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Steady now..... You're gonna feels a little pressure.....

Posted By: .50 Cal
Date: Friday - June 16,2017 18:20

In Response To: Congressman Loudermilk, R-GA, is calling for lawmakers who have (Diamond Mair)

'Fire the .50'.

No. They would HAVE to allow Congress People to carry, but not a REGULAR citizen..... It would be easier to Register VIOLENT CRIMINALS and the Mentally Deficient people to NOT carry. SURELY it would cost We The People less in Paperwork Volume.

The LEFTIST AGENDA is to somehow - but as rapidly as humanly possible - get every American a FELONY thereby allowing Law Enforcement to DISARM them RENDERING America SAFE for the next attempt to EMPLOY Socialism as a VIABLE .Gov Option.

They ALMOST got the Health Care and they DO have the Coffers.

Guns are about all that is left to keep the .Gov that FEARS We The People into FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGING it into THEIR Country. Guns are the PLANK that Republicans can speak from to We The People. Guns are the EGGSHELLS that Democrats ATTEMPT and SUCCEED in ruling We The People from. We support the FORMER and DREAD the latter but HERE IS THE RUB: It turns out that Democrats can be targets, too. BUT - they are perfectly willing to die for their CAUSE so long as We The People lose, even if the Country is lost, too.

The certainty of their Mental Illness is their root PROBLEM, not ISSUE. It is that IF someone else were to INHERIT America THEY would be among the FIRST to Lose They Haids or whatever. If a grown, mature minded ADULT of 18 CANNOT understand THAT - well, they MAY have Mental Health PROBLEMS. Democrats say, 'Shariia Law in Our Country - SURE - if it was Their Country. WhassaMattaU?

1998: was a Good Year for Muslims.

A. (of 3) Osama was captured in North Africa and OFFERED to Billery. The offer was turned down, EVEN THOUGH he was a wanted man in America.

B. Twelve GIRLS of Saudi Arabia went sent back into a burning Girls School to get the rags to cover their faces. None survived, Shariia Law was enforced, quite Legally. THESE ANIMALS are Our Allies? Remember the CREW of 911?

C. Democrats LOVE Muslims and approve of Shariia Law HERE.

The Dems believe that, like Socialism being ok if 'tried' by the right (CORRECT) People; Guns are OK if in the HANDS of The Correct People, like, you know, Feinstein, Pelosi, Boxer, et al. Harvey Milk - reason enough for them to pack heat.

Had those Republicans at the baseball field been CORRECT People the Return Fire would have occurred instantly and fewer people would have died. Three minutes of Law Enforcement Response Time under fire by a mad man is a long time for innocent Americans to wait to helplessly die.

FIVE MINUTES after the event Pelosi was blaming it on the Republicans. Actually spouting FAKE NEWS. TRYING to gain Political Gravitas on the bodies of here PEERS. Disgusting.
That woman is mentally ill and should be diagnosed for OUR National Welfare. Why isn't she and her ILK declared a National Security Threat? Cuz she probably heads THAT Committee.

These DEMOCRAT people are mentally ILL. They are DISLOYAL to America and they are the Secondary Danger to our Peace and enabling the PRIMARY Danger, Terrorism, by their back-stabbing, closed door, back room dealing, treacherous MISMANAGEMENT of Our Congress and VERY NEARLY Our Supreme Court.

These Democrat people see NO DANGER in courting Our ENEMIES! Not ONLY that but they CONSTANTLY ENABLE them to the point of GIVING the 150 plus BILLIONS of OUR Dollars - in cash - on a marked out American AIRCRAFT to IRAN!

Obama's political GOALS are too big to carry in two Terex triple sevens and his Disloyalty to American could overflow the Grand Canyon. My GOD! When is enough enough?

The Democrat answer to that is - NEVER.

Pelosi is a dinosaur and has a HUGE following In Our Congress. SHE should be IMPEACHED. She well may be. San Francisco is not COMPLETELY an alien environment. The Americans there MAY wake up one day and decide that they are NOT on the CORRECT team and get rid of her. We can hope.

Sexism, Racism, and all the Other Isms are just tools they MANIPULATE to maintain CONTROL of their Fiefdoms by causing discord between the little Special Species' of America. RULE ONE for a small force attempting to DEFEAT a Much Larger FORCE: D I V I D E and Conquer. Sun Tsu and like that.

Why can't We The People shoot back at Murderers and Terrorists?

Why is it NOT legal for Americans to PROTECT America?

Why does LAW ENFORCEMENT have a SOLITARY LOCK on Protecting of Country?

When did ORDINARY Americans LOOSE that RIGHT?

Us'ns (Vets, Cops, Congressmen took An OATH. We are BOUND by it, FORZEVER. It is an OBLIGATION. How can a group as small as (Senate-100, House-435, Supremes-9) 544 people RULE Americans that number over 330 MILLION by simply KNOWING what is MORE WELLEREST and GOOD for Them The People.

We CAN but those who are felons from way gone back will go to THE PEN. Day was when a man could commit a NONVIOLENT Crime, go away for whatever years and then be REINSTATED into Society, including the RIGHTS to VOTE and OWN A GUN.

WTF happened there? When is The Second Chance allowed? So, they REUSE a bad law to enable Peace Officers to turn into Law Enforcement AGENTS and every time someone sez BOO try to get them felony.

So, State Legislatures can pass a LAW that sez 'NONVIOLENT CRIME and VIOLENT CRIME are simply lumped together as CRIME in the NATIONAL REGISTRY and those dummies will never notice the CHANGE or be able to buy a Gun again? We have been RENDERED upon, again. Zero Tolerance - nah, that's just for - you know - Other People, not us. Don't give it a thought. Ah, the magic of computers.....

AGAIN, WTF over? It corresponds to The Peace Officer vs the Law Enforcement Agent CHANGE..... same as Judges LEGISLATING from The Bench and NOT being held accountable for MILLIONS of VOTES being RENDERED useless, again.

The President is Constitutionally CHARGED with protecting We The People.

We The People have an Inalienable RIGHT (from GOD) to keep and bear arms.

If We The People cannot DO that how can we protect ourselves and why is EVERY President since the Dems CREATED Gun Control NOT impeached for failure to Protect We The People.

An armed Society is a POLITE Society.

A frog can be boiled to death by slowly raising the temperature. It is just HARDWIRED to NOT be able to feel it getting DEADLY warn underfoot.

A Republican Baseball Team can be murdered IN BROAD DAYLIGHT because We The People have accepted the Inalienable RIGHT (from GOD) to become LEGALLY MARGINALIZED to include SOME but EXCLUDE MOST of We The People by crappy laws made by people that WORK for us.

Aint this a bitch?..... I'll bet you that 95 per cent of those people on that field have CCWs.....

Again, If everyone carried a gun these events would cease because the BAD GUYS, like this one from Obamaville(!!!!!) will learn that when one fires on a CROWD, regardless of locale, RETURN FIRE WILL BE INSTANT AND OVERWHELMING and therefore they must choose the NEXT BEST DAILY OUTRAGE to consider a chance at Winning, at ALL cost.

Eventually all the REALLY dumbasses would be dead due to SUICIDE by gun and we would have a much more POLITE Society.

A three minute response time is deplorable ESPECIALLY if there were ALREADY Security Personnel THERE. It WOULD be tolerable if that was all the time it took for OUR backup (that also works FOR us!) to arrive.

When IN THE HELL are We The People going to be ALLOWED by the very victims of the shooting in DC to Protect ourselves in Broad Daylight? Today (?) or Yesterday (?) a Republican from Georgia introduced a bill - for THEM What RENDERS.....

Free Men don't Have to ASK for their RIGHTS. Free Men PROTECT those rights. The President needs to get his act together. The HHS Department Head needs to get HIS act together and We The People need to, too.

The President HAS a cure for random multiple MURDERS by any terrorists. It is called We The People.....

All this started because we ALL gave up a lot of Freedom for a Little Security.

Now, we relive HISTORY. We were WARNED: Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Ronald Reagan and EVERY Conservative Talk Radio Host since 1990.

What a JOKE.

OK, everyone that thinks this is bc go ahead and mention the mentally retarded and the VICIOUS felons that murdered and got day care..... as exceptions. STAY on point. If we need a Devil's Advocate we can call up any Democrat.....

And by MEN we all know that means MANKIND..... but some people always feel a NEED to be OFF POINT.

Frogs boil SLOWLY. GOD created them that way. It sucks but it is NATURAL. GOD wants it that way - I'm cool.

Politicians toil SLOWLY. Only NOT in the behalf of We The People. It is a Deliberative Process: 'If we table this Great Idea for Them The People to actually OWN Guns for a year they will not even remember it and We The Congress can RENDER unto the people what WE think is BEST FOR THEM.

Besides they can't even remember the THOUSANDS of OTHER Laws already passed on GUN CONTROL. We know what is good For Them'. I am NOT ok with that. It is not cool to be considered a fool.


When is enough enough?

Yamamoto told the Japs that they should not attempt an invasion of America because they had as many guns as blades of grass. True story. America remains the same in THAT regard. A lot of them could be put to good use. WE ARE The People.

.50 Cal

PS: Pray for Brian Terry and his Family. Justice may follow.

It DID NOT Elian Gonzales, whose Mother died in Our Waters delivering him from Communism. Remember Bill's AGENT? Only The Law didn't COUNT for Elian. And his Mom is still DEAD.

Remember Hillary Clin-tong's famous quote: Socialism just hasn't been DONE by the Right People, yet.

Remember when Bill said: 'Vote for me and you'll get TWO Presidents'? Only one of them was Black, I guess.

Remember Hillary Clin-Tong kissing YASSER ARAFAT at The AMERICAN Peoples' HOUSE in DC? Representing ALL OF We The People.

Remember Hillary being Secretary of State - Benghazi - VOLUNTEER Americans risking and GIVING their lives to save those THIRTY people that night she aided the enemy in murdering four of OUR OWN? Why have we not heard ONE SINGLE SOLITARY WOORD from any of those thirty American People?

Were they ALL 30 Americans?


Remember Barry saying: 'I will fundamentally CHANGE America'. His only true word there was MENTAL.

Remember Moochie saying: 'For the FIRST TIME I am proud to be an American', like the word American had a K in it?

Obama: Remember Fast n Furious. It MAY end up being your Christmas Goose of the past.

Remember your BIRTH CERTIFICATE? In ONE DAY a Silicone Valley Tech discovered FIFTY-SEVEN flaws of impossibility that proved it was a FALSE DOCUMENT. That is still there.

Remember that PLANELOAD of CASH that we supplied you with in unfair TAXES that you FLEW to IRAN, in front of the media and everything? And they say BILL is The Teflon One.

Remember Bill Clin-Tong's clandestine meeting at the Phoenix Itn'l Airport with Loretta Lynch (hmm, incongruous)
last September? Well, they both just HAPPENED to land in one of the HOTTEST airports north of YUMA without actually KNOWING the other would BE there and decided to hop out and into a THIRD airplane and talk to one another about their Gran Children for 45 minutes.

The REAL kicker here is that Bill HIRED Loretta back in 1998 to be his DA for the southern area of New York. SHE was beholden to him. As soon as they get back on their real planes - not the one that just happened to be available to speak privately in that had the a/c and everything for them to survive in.

POOF like a bunny - NO HILLARY CASE..... 6 weeks before the Presidential Election.

The REAL kicker in all of these THINGS is that Barry will probably live to be a hundred ON OUR DIME and he'll never see the inside of an American Penitentiary. Nor Billery.

GUNS never killed anybody and more people have been killed in Pontiacs driven by Kennedys..... RIP MJK.

Congress - go figure. Best SCAM ever perpetrated against a Rendered Upon Populace. It is emulated all the way down to Local School Boards.

And the STUFF continues to fall from the South End of a North Bound El Toro, all over the ground, which is We The People.

Fake news is real and it is killing America.

One last point of fact: The first time The Muslim Problem was being announced the EXACT term used was 'A Temporary Muslim CONTROL'. It has NEVER been referenced as such by any tv news readers - even on Fox, which has been drifting to The Left for long time. Funny, he has never corrected them. Perhaps he has different Advisors.

Fake news can make even a Presidents head spin as well as the STAFF that cannot seem to remember something that used ONCE, an with effect. Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's Minister for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda, comes to mind - Long enough n LOUD enough..... Not really any difference.

As in the case of Mission Accomplished (nobody died on the cruise) being turned into a media accusation that GW had WON something or other by non-combatant, non-ship veterans.

To say that our Society is insane would not be too far from true. Families have been split; friends have gone by the wayside. At this rate of Social decay due to HATRED we have a LONG way to go to recover from President Obama's Legacy of Change. We've been set back almost 60 years.

Democrats not only WANT Republicans DEAD, they are beginning to ACT on that WANT. And We The People that already PPOSSESS a CCW have to ask THE FRIGGIN' SWAMP for PERMISSION to not die because of a stupid law infringing on Our Rights. And we ALLOW these People to rule over us with an IRON HAND? Heck, Buzzman, it'll never happen here.

It'll happen ALOT LESS if the Bad Guys KNOW the GOOD GUYS can shoot back. Are there any GOOD GUYS LEFT? Why Not?

Obama will NEVER see a day in prison. Every day you are working in the heat, mosquito ridden areas of America KNOW that Barry and Michelle are living the Life of Riley in Hawaii or wherever it is sunny and warm on OUR DIMES.

Every day you are snowed in by a 6 foot drift and start shoveling at 4:30 am so you can get to your 7 dollar an hour job KNOW that Barry and Michelle will make their 11 am tee time at the Country Club in Barbados or wherever ON OUR DIMES. And he They will for the next 50 years, probably.

Now THERE is a Term Limit I would support, too.

As usual, Time Will Tell. And we NEVER HAVE learned who killed Kennedy.....

Rant suspended UFN; Ranter has been RENDERED OBE. Secure the 106. Police the brass and carry out the POD, PDQ..... per the SOP and the CO.



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.50 Cal -- Friday - June 16,2017 18:22


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