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I wonder how many ANGRY Black American People thank the WHITE veterans that.....

Posted By: .50 Cal
Date: Friday - November 10,2017 14:34

died during the Civil War for THEIR COUNTRY each year when Veterans Day comes around..... It seems to be an incongruity to claim anger for ANYONE that helped to set one's ancestors free, LITERALLY and also how CAN one when this all happened over ONE hundred and FIFTY years ago?

ANYONE alive today simply WAS NOT THERE! Therefore WHY the discord when Veterans Day is SUPPOSED to be all about grateful thanks? But on the left THE DEAD cannot be gratefully thanked or even RECOGNIZED. Well, why not?

AND where is the Left's Proclaimed TOLERANCE when it comes to STATUES from the Civil War that seem to inspire the manufacture of Fake News which harps on Diminish (worth, in ones own mind, to society), Divert (a Diminished person's attention from the REAL problem) and Divest (a Diminished and Diverted person's Actual place in Society and supplant it with BS and Lies).

What else makes sense about the TIMING of the Brand New Complaint, The word SLAVE in the third verse of the National Anthem, mostly by well-intending (?) and misguided WHITE people that think this behavior will... ? Make them cool? Make them GUITLESSS when it comes to the R word? Get them extra credits in School? Whatever happened to CHANGE, Warts And All? A country without History cannot long endure.

But you DO have to admire the dogged determination on their minds for a WORD that has existed in OUR National Anthem for SOOOOO long. If they could only put that creativity and determination to GOOD USE we would ALL be better off, but every dog's ass has a flea or two on it and so does America.

I can sure think of a few RACISM STATUES I would delight in personally dismantling - Welfare - GENERATIONAL- NOW called an Entitlement!; Affirmative Action - Government Created Segregation and Racial Protection Programs Perpetuating the myth that Black Americans cannot DO well in Society without a Handout from The Man, who is actually the Man keeping The Black Man down- not the best thing for a growing population.

Wait..... What? Black people as a population are STILL only 14 percent of the population? Really? How does THAT work?
Isn't there a government program for that sort of thing? Oh, There is. Planned Parenthood? Are you KIDDING me?

Racism: It what's fer dinner in the CONTROLLING LEFTIST AGENDA PIE world, IF it is done correctly, and by THE RIGHT PEOPLE. Here's your slice - and it is FREE! Take the bite!

Divide and PROFIT being their greedo creedo.

Some Melting Pot..... more like burnt mac 'n cheese stinkin' up the whole DIVIDED house.

My Dad used to say two wrongs don't make a right. If that is true then WHY is this whole racism bowl of crap an absolutely ONE SIDED deal?

Easy answer: One side is NOT wrong. We all just don't agree on that fact and therein lies the rub.

Enter the politicians. THEY will allow us to know who was right then and who IS wrong now when it suits THEM and in their own sweet time. That means that the status quo will remain in effect until:

a. There are no more DEPENDENT Voters created and PAID FOR by Improper Entitlements for Politicians to drain almost of their very LIVES

and or

b. There IS no more Free TAXPAYER Money to BUY those in category a., above.

and or

c. We vote those bastards out of office.

All of this thinking time costs money so we all pay it against our collective will and THEY dribble it out as payment for loyalty and votes in the name of 'RACISM owes you, you are Entitled'..... No wonder WE ARE DIVIDED.

And in time we have somehow not been ALLOWED to discern an ANSWER from OUR Representatives to the BASE problem. And why SHOULD we? I guess no one really wants a Gravy Train to spill over into their living room. SO, THE PROBLEM phrased as Historical Algebra is:

(PROFESSIONAL+Politics+RACISM+Division=Dependency+Desperation+Isolation over MONEY (the divisor) OVER one hundred and fifty years later.

Racism cannot be legislated. Oh yeah? Sez who?

and the beat goes on..... The Problem swells in size and meanness..... a crack appears. A flood occurs. A break happens. Jess sayin'.

Is there REALLY that much money in this, Jesse, Al, Charlie, Maxine, Nancy, Barbara (anybody) that SO few can be so HARSH to those they purportedly represent? Apparently there is. It is pretty plain to see.

And the harping, blame and accusations go on and on and on while all those Civil War Veterans that SACRIFICED their ALL for The Country, including The Black People of AMERICA must wonder - why are they so angry..... at EVERYONE?

When will this nation be ONE? Only the Agendized Distractors know..... I guess we'll have to wait until we find out who killed John, Marilyn and my cousins dog before we ever find out.

How can so many Unrepresented people allow themselves to be CONTROLLED by OTHER people yet BE so blind? Unlike CONGRESS, it is NOT a Deliberative Process (.GOVSPEAK for shut up, this is just gonna take awhile so back off and mind your own business).... and in the mean as in MEAN time Chicago looses a few more each day to murder and DESTITUTION, Isolation and desperation.....

Sherman said to make the Indians Destitute, desperate and Dependent. Sounds like a proven political recipe to me. Crook did not agree - all the others did..... so.....

We find that History DOES repeat itself if no one is watching.

Is Jesse Jackson the modern day Red Cloud?

Maybe Crazy Horse wasn't so Crazy after all but I know this: Jesse will never have a mountain carved up in HIS honor..... Well, maybe a small rock pile..... no, that was his son. Jess sayin'.

LIBSPEAK aint Pig Latin..... That would be an insult to Pigs. If they say UP you better look down. And if they say FORWARD you better expect it in the BACK. Right, AMERICA?

So, in their own IGNORANT way These Liberals ARE thanking ALL the Veterans because in their own OPPOSITE SPEAK way they are saying Thank You when they say the Civil War was NOT about emancipation and CONDEMN We The People to an ETERNITY of GUILT by RACISM..... The only trouble with all that is that there is no rational REASON for that.

Maybe that is why we are enjoying the current racist fury from on high because the Politicians are beginning to see that the Public Till may be about to close because the general public may actually start to NOTICE their endeavors of Division.

EVERYONE KNOWS THIS and Hardly anyone ever SPEAKS of this, and THOSE are the chains that will ALWAYS be worn by SO many for SO long for so few.

I simply REFUSE to become a racist no matter how disgusting our politicians become or how angry I get to them PERSONALLY. Won't fall for that crap.

Be a wary of the WHITE female Politicians that PREACH Racism on BEHALF or our Black Citizens as you would be of little boys that Cry WOLF.

And I said WHITE female politician because we pretty much EXPECT it from every 'BLACK' female politician that can get some facetime on a tv set for ANY amount of time. THEY are the True Proponents of RACISM and NOT so equal 'VICTIMS' (through .Gov Programs) of its perpetuation.

So, once we rid our country of THIS UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR these same politicians will NEED another MONEY BAG devisor to reconquer our national dividend to their whims; diverted control of the divided.

As usual, off we go to the next outrage. Say what - The National Anthem is Under Fire by the RACIST LEFT? Isn't it HILARIOUS that these MORONS can apply TODAY's misguided and insane MORES to the People of the 1700s?

History has been eroded away by the river of DENIAL. Used to be a time when Manumission WAS the mission..... and we were looking forward to ending the struggle to Become One Nation, Under God.

As my Dad sez - So, what else is new?

Happy 242d Marines.


PS: Tomorrow I recommend we watch the 90s movie starring Ricky Schroeder call The Lost Battalion and remember Armistice Day.

Thank you one and all for your service and Sacrifice.


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