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A heads up. . .The Hill Fights:The First Battle of Khe Sanh. . .

Posted By: MillRatUSMC aka Ricardo
Date: Tuesday - November 5,2019 13:00

Non Gratum Anus Rodentum
(Not Worth A Rat's Ass)
By Edward E. Murphy
Who writes about two Marine officers like James Webb.
I'm not sure if this is their real name.
Captain Robert W. Swigart CO Mike 3/9 from College Park PA (just a bit north of Altoona PA)
Lt. Col James H. Reeder Senior Officer Present ( SOP) at Khe Sanh

Captain Swigart was one of those officers that the enlisted could never do things right.
Nevertheless his main fault was not listening and getting losted (like old Ricardo)
Lt. Col Reeder was one of those officers, who wanted everything clean.
He got on the truck drivers for raising too much red dust at Khe Sanh.
And he wanted some rocks painted white.
One of his main job was to get reports from several recon units.
When one battalion commander on meeting the SOP, he was told there is no NVA divisions up in northern I Corps.
He got pissed and told the SOP. you do not know what you are talking about.
My battalion was just operating close to Dong Ha and we being fighting 2 NVA divisions.

From the book 'The Hill Fights:The First Battle of Khe Sanh'.

On Okinawa the Marines of 2/3 turned in their trusty M14s for the M16s.
The weapons training consisted of a brief lecture followed by firing a few magazines at the riflee range.
Most of the troops took an instant dislike to the new weapon.
Corporal Fredrick G. Monahan, a twenty-year-old Philadelhian with seven months service in Echo company was one of them.

"Most of the guys thought it was a 'sissy' weapon because of the lightweight stock," he recalled.
"But worst than that it jammed all the time.
Plus, the magazines had to be individually loaded, we had no 'speed clips.'
And then, we could only put seventeen or eighteen rounds per magazine.
Not twenty like it was designed for, or else you'd overloaded the spring.
We were only issued three magazines each and one cleaning rod for every guys.
The men in the rear were giving their magazines and cleaning kits to the grunts.
Before we headed south so we'd have enough.

It does not end there, in 1967 at Khe Sanh many Marines were found trying to clear their jammed M16.
Several officers and NCOs tried to blame the troops for those jammed rifles.
They didn't clean those rifles.
The Commandant and General Walt were among those Marine officers.

Poem a Marine wrote after the Hill Fights

"Death at my Door"

Day is over and danger hastens
Young Marines at their battle stations
Instruments of war outline the sky
Means of death are standing by
Can it be true on this high hill
Forces will clash only to kill?

Silence fills the near moonless night
Restless thoughts of a bloody fight
Endless memories for those awake
Meaningful discussions experience would make
Though silent world in which we live
Permit only Godís comfort to give.

Somewhere through the darkness creeping
A date with death is in the keeping
Alone I sit and question why
Life itself to be born to merely die?

Corporal Fredrick G. Monahan
From the link to the 'Legion of Valor'
From reading this book he did more than he credit in that link.
One day he was ordered to stay behind and count the NVA dead/graves.
There was over 200 that the NVA had drag away/cleanup the field of battle.

One final thought
If you ever wanted to know what went wrong in Vietnam.
This book explains it, the leadership of our beloved Corps.
Thought the war had to be won in the cities and the people.
General Westmoreland thought a war of attrition was the way to win the war.
He wanted Khe Sanh as a jump off point into Laos.
That did not come about till we had left Vietnam and the ARVN was no match for the NVA.

Looks like a 4 year old toddler.

'Little Donnie': He's a man who has never really known a love that he hasn't had to pay for.
- Edward Snowden

In the 'Little Donnie' brain.
There is a 'left' and 'right'.
In the left side, there-s nothing right.
In the right side, there-s nothing left.

'Little Donnie' asked the adoring crowd.
Who's going to pay for it?
And the crowd responded in unison.
And then the crowd shouted, at the tops of their lungs.
You said Mexico was going to PAY!




UTI - Useful Trump Idiots.

#MoscowMitch - must go.

#MassacreMitch - must go.






Tell me who you walk with, and I'll tell you who you are.

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
Diabetes II or Diabetes 2
Affect a few.
What's a body to do?
Walk a few.
Blocks or in a local mall.

Looking more like the puppet Walter!

Ricardo in virtual reality.
Virtual reality.
Is the term used to describe a three-dimensional.
Computer generated environment.



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