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why, why, why. . .

Posted By: MillRatUSMC aka Ricardo
Date: Thursday - July 30,2020 02:29

Is everything 'Tiny Donnie' in his mind 'GREAT'.
And everything President Obama did was the worst.
We all know he will never be half the man President Obama is to this day.
And he always blame President Obama for things that did not occur while he was president.
President Obama did not blame President George W. Bush for the oncoming recession.
While many want the auto industry to fail and go bankrupt.
President Obama government decided to extent the auto industry a loan.
That they paid back ahead of time.
Many banks were being stress because of the loans to buy a home.
Here too they gave those banks money to cover those loans.
Construction and other related industries were able to recover.

Holly Yan writes: "If two large planes crashed every day in the US, killing everyone on board, the nation would be despondent.
If the US suffered a loss of life on the scale of the 9/11 attacks -- 50 times over -- the tragedy would be incomprehensible.
But that's how many lives coronavirus has claimed in the US since this pandemic started just six months ago."

It is painful, but we cannot turn away.
"It's easy to grow numb.
Or turn a blind eye to the losses.

My Note
VP Joe Biden might be making a big mistake, one that President Obama failed to do.
Cater to one race, even if he wants more of the 'black' race to vote.
By catering to those voters, he might force other races to sit out this presidential election.

Law has authority.
Law is constraints on behavior.
All members of society are subject to law.
All members of society are equally subject to law.
Law and its processes must be made known to the public.

The Four Universal Principles of Law
Just Laws
Open Government
Accessible Justice

No one is ABOVE the law.
Not even a president.
As it should be.

Tell me who you walk with, and I'll tell you who you are.

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
Diabetes II or Diabetes 2
Affect a few.
What's a body to do?
Walk a few.
Blocks or in a local mall.

Ricardo in virtual reality.
Virtual reality.
Is the term used to describe a three-dimensional.
Computer generated environment.


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